Launching Louie



Liberty had heard there was a new unicorn in town. She just had to check him out.

Liberty had heard there was a new unicorn in town………


Who expected after a random conversation two years ago, that I’d once again be collaborating with the author Rachel Hamilton again for the launch of her next children’s book, and all because of a chance comment about LEGO loo’s!

This time she steps away from exploding objects (well I don’t think there are many exploding objects in her newest book) and enters into the world of unicorns. Not just any unicorn, but Louie the unicorn. A unicorn in New York.

So of course when she asked if I could come up with another LEGO based photo to coincide with the release of her book, I couldn’t resist. The thinking cap was on, and despite a slight technical hitch along the way ( a vital piece of my plan, that hasn’t turned up as yet) we have at least something LEGO minifigure based to do the job. Well I hope it does. I’m always a little nervous when I’ve done something specifically for someone else, as you never know if they are going to like it or not. Generally they do, which is great, and is the icing on the cake (something Rachel likes I believe, but who doesn’t like cake?) when they love your work as much as you do.

So Louie may make an appearance as part of the ‘booklego’ series I’m doing as well, or at least once Louie arrives here at World of Minifigs that is. So far it looks like he’s on an extended vacation to New York, however in the meantime, if you wish to find out what happens to Louie, you can find out by reading his adventures in ‘Louie Lets Loose’!



Series 15 Minifigs

I’ve still not had time to think about the booklego series I was doing last year, however I will be continuing it until all 52 are done, then I will see where I go after that. I have an idea, I just need the time and opportunities to implement it.

In the meantime there is a new set of LEGO minifigures due out. Series 15!

Series 15; lego; minifigs; minifigures


It’s nice to see a few completely different figs appearing for parts usage and for adding to existing sets. Crutches with clumsy guy are great, as is Shark Suit Guy. Nice to see a ‘baby’ fig too as part of a main fig, as well as a couple of animals as accessories.

I will definitely be picking up a few. I didn’t buy many of the Monster series, but I’m hoping a new injection of figs for the collection will inspire me to find the time to get on with the project.

Which figs do you like out of this set?

A Festive Message

No matter how you celebrate or experience this time of year, I hope it is an enjoyable one. This year has been a whirlwind, passing by in what seems to be the blink of an eye. So much so, that the past few weeks and even months have vanished before I even knew they were here. It is for this reason why the blog and the photos has ground to a bit of a halt over this time. It’s not that I’ve run out of inspiration or ideas, but purely because I haven’t had the time to even think about it, let alone actually setting it up and taking the image.

I thank everyone who has taken the time over the past few years to enjoy what I do and for sticking with me even when updates have become less frequent. However when I have found some spare time in life I will be picking up from where I was before. The proof that life has been so busy is that I’m still to finish building a LEGO set I got all the way back at the start of the summer. I have only just managed to complete the first stage of it, but hopefully I will find some time over the Christmas period to sit down and build with my favourite bricks again, whilst enjoying some time with family and friends.

Look forward to seeing you all again in the New Year…….2016 had better be ready!

Series 14 Minifigures – Monsters!

Series 14; minifigures; monsters; lego

I thought whilst I had 5 minutes and before I get around to physically posting last weeks booklego image, I would add some pictures of the latest series of LEGO Minifigures due out on the 1st September 2015. It so happened that whilst I was out and about this evening, I came across some already out for sale in one of my local shops.

series 14

Now I’ve been wanting to get a wolf head minifigure for ages, but could never justify buying a Monsters set when they were out purely for the Werewolf minifgure inside one of them. So I’m quite excited to know that I can get my hands on one at a much more reasonable cost. The Monster Scientist reminds me of a minion, I’m going to have to get a Monster Rocker, purely because he looks like someone I once worked with, and I quite like the cheerleaders hairpiece. Other than that I’m not too fussed, but I can see how they will appeal, especially with Halloween looming.

So what are everyone’s thoughts on the new range?

A Little Snippet – The Sightseeing Angel

Bob stopped off for a spot of sightseeing whilst on his travels - The Angel of the North

Bob stopped off for a spot of sightseeing whilst on his travels – The Angel of the North

Bob has been on his travels again, hence the quietness on the blog the past week or so. Since we’ve got back home there have been internet and computer issues, so I’ve only just been able to get around to looking at updating the blog. So in the meantime enjoy the view, and the next couple of #booklego blog posts will be appearing here soon. Thanks for waiting patiently!

LEGO Summer Fun

LEGO logo made from Minifigs

LEGO logo made from Minifigs

The past few weeks have been somewhat hectic to say the least, not just with the daily grind of work and family life, although I am currently glad it’s the holidays, but it’s also been a busy few weeks trying to sort out some of my images for LEGO to use for a campaign they are running this summer on their websites.

I couldn’t really ask for a bigger accolade. I started out doing this for my own pleasure, and to aid my photography and creative processes. But to be asked by LEGO themselves, if they could collaborate and use some of my images in this way is fantastic. Hopefully that means they will put a smile on others faces as much as they do on mine, as well as those of you, who have taken the trouble to look at them too over the past few years.

As it happened I was on a family trip to London, so I was eventually able to combine some business with pleasure and pop along to the fantastic new(ish) LEGO office there, to chat with some of the team and get a sneak preview of what was planned before it went ‘live’.

Bob poses for a photo before having a look around the office.

Bob poses for a photo before having a look around the office.

I was even lucky enough to be given a limited Mr ReBrick Minifig!

Mr ReBrick Minifig

Mr ReBrick Minifig

The aim being that the images will help provide a building block (ha-ha did you see what I did there? Got to love a good pun, and it was unintentional!) to help inspire kids to get out and have some ‘summer fun’ with their minifigs and LEGO bricks.

Enjoy your summer and ‘Keep Calm and Build On!’

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The Sound of Music

A busy day on the blog, but I couldn’t let the 50th anniversary of the Sound of Music pass me by. The reason for that is that it is one of my favourite films. Every time it was on TV I used to watch it with my dad. He himself had seen it in the cinema well into double figures when it was released.

I even recreated it using Lego Minifigures way back when, before I even decided to concentrate my photography solely on them. So time to dust it off from the archives and give it an airing, just like the film seems to every Christmas time!

The hills are alive

The hills are alive…….with the Sound of Music

I don’t think I could ever tire of watching the Sound of Music. What about you?

Lego and Books. Out of this world!

case; exploding brain; rachel hamilton; books; lego; photography; minifigs; minifigure; worldofminifigs; world of minifigs; book titles;

It really was an out of this world reading experience!

What has LEGO and a book about exploding brains got to do with each other?

Unless it’s a book about Lego, normally not a lot is the honest answer. That was until a chance remark almost a year ago. In fact exploding brains did not even come into it. Back then it was toilets…. exploding ones!

I have often been asked how I come up with ideas for my photographs. The honest answer is I don’t really know. I like spontaneity and my brain fires off little sparks and explosions (did you see what I did there 😉 ) formulating ideas from the most random snippets of information that comes my way.

Which is exactly what happened last year with Rachel Hamilton, author of ‘The Case of the Exploding Loo’ and ‘The Case of the Exploding Brain’. A chance remark from Rachel whilst commenting on a discussion about what types of books 8-12 year olds like to read, she happened to mention that she liked Lego……. Does anyone NOT like Lego? (Except for standing on it in bare feet, then it’s justified to not like it for that moment in time!)

lego; minifigs; minifigure; photography; minifgure; worldofminifigs; world of minifigs;y; minifgure; worldofminifigs; world of minifigs;

That painful moment when you realise you’ve just stood on a LEGO brick whilst half asleep. Ouch!

As part of this conversation she brought up exploding toilets, at which point I remembered that it was also something to do with her book. That was all the inspiration my little brain needed to produce the following image for her last year, as part of my photography project.

lego; minifigs; minifigure; photography; minifgure; worldofminifigs; world of minifigs; Rachel Hamilton

The bathroom was the only place Rachel got a moments peace to read some of her book. She just hoped the title wasn’t going to come true

So this year was no different. As soon as she mentioned the title for her latest book, the ideas started whizzing and exploding inside my brain like they do. And then she asked if I’d like to be part of the blog tour for the release of ‘The Case of the Exploding Brain’! To say I was excited was probably an understatement. I had so much fun creating last years book related image, that was probably the reason behind this years photography project which is based on book titles, of course all created using LEGO Minifigs. #booklego was born.

case; exploding brain; rachel hamilton; books; lego; photography; minifigs; minifigure; worldofminifigs; world of minifigs; book titles;

The Case of the Exploding Brain ~ Rachel Hamilton

Rachel also kindly took a few moments out of her busy schedule to answer a couple of questions……

WOM: Hi Rachel.  Thank you for visiting us on your blog tour. Did you like, or have Lego as a child?

RH: Yes I loved Lego as a kid, but I never had any of the fancy packs with instructions. We just had a big box full of the stuff and had to make up our own designs.

WOM: I think that’s the best way of firing up the imagination creatively. Free building is great and also helps enable practical problem solving skills in the process.

If you could have anything made from Lego what would it be?  Toilets not allowed as I’ve already technically created that vision for you even if it’s with digital Lego rather than the real McCoy. 

RH: As a child I used to want a Lego bed, but as an adult, I realise this would be horribly uncomfortable.I am slightly obsessed with walruses, so I’d quite like a Lego walrus!

WOM: Yes a Lego bed would be rather uncomfortable, as I think James May found out when he built a full scale Lego house for one of his Toy Story programmes. Imagine waking up every morning with Lego nobbles imprinted into your skin! Hmmm a Lego walrus… interesting * brain starts firing off thought explosions once again*

Who knows what will happen!


Exploding Brains Blog Tour

Lego Minifigure Pumpkin

lego; minifigs; minifigure; photography; minifgure; worldofminifigs; world of minifigs; pumpkin; carving

You know you live in a house that loves LEGO, when your youngest child asks for a Minifigure head as a pumpkin design. However they weren’t content with one similar to the one the Workmen created last year 😉

The workmen were scarily good at pumpkin carving; lego; minifigs; minifigure; photography; minifgure; worldofminifigs; world of minifigs; lego pumpkin; carving

The workmen were scarily good at pumpkin carving

Not at all, they wanted a complete 3D design out of the entire pumpkin. Trust me peeling an entire pumpkin is hard work. However I have to say after that it wasn’t too hard, just time consuming. The best and worst part was trying to scoop some of the insides out via the eyes and nose. It really did look like it’s brain was oozing out.

I was planning on taking it a step further, with a little extra design on the back of the head, but by then my enthusiasm was waning, so I may save that for another year.