Book 39 ~ The Fishermen

The Fishermen ~ Chigozie Obioma

This book was first published in 2015. As it was published I knew it would make a great minifig book cover. It is now 2018, 3 years later and my fourth attempt at getting a semi decent image.

Attempt one was in Febuary 2016 – yes I am mad enough to stand in freezing cold natural water in the middle of a wood, in February to get a lego photo. Of course they were rubbish, as suspect due to camera shake due to being half submerged in icy water.

Attempt 2 was a few weeks later, when it was a little warmer and once again I found myself in a wood with a suitable patch of water. Once again for various reasons it wasn’t meant to be.

Attempt 3 did at least take place in summer. August is better for standing ankle or knee deep in random ponds and the like, once again in a wood, except this time I didn’t have to actually get in the water to get the right angle. However the location wasn’t really the best, and the light, or lack of it was seriously hindering my progress.

So we then fast forward a couple of years and finally I have a nice warm day for paddling, a suitable place with enough light, and a photo I’m kind of happy with. It could be improved, but I can assure you kneeling in the shallows of a river is quite painful, especially when it’s pebbly. I had the imprints in my knees for hours afterwards!



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