The Return

Yes I have seemingly abandoned everything over a time period I’d rather not mention as it has been far too long. Life stuff has just got in the way of the fun stuff. After a tough 6 months, it has made me realise that despite the life stuff that has to be done, you have to seriously balance that up with some fun stuff, now I do do some fun stuff in between the life stuff, but not the really fun stuff, the fun stuff that lets me truly be me.

I’m hoping that this will change. One thing that has helped is the new release of minifigs. This release is celebrating 40 years of minifigs. That makes them as old as me, or me as old as them, take your pick. So with some renewed inspiration – hopefully, and a concerted effort to create time for the fun stuff, I aim to be posting more regularly again. Maybe not weekly, but certainly more than I have been.

So to welcome you all back, I have not one, but two images for you to hopefully enjoy. Here’s hoping the creative juices can begin to flow again.

Ezrah had always been a brick.

This was one of the first minifigs I managed to get from the new series. Quite a cool idea for a minifig. There is quite a bit of potential with most of this series of minifigs.


And now for something completely different……. The return of Bob. My travelling, adventuring, exploring minifig.



Bob and his Dad along with Max the dog had enjoyed exploring the island and its old buildings


I managed to get out for a couple of days over the recent Easter break. We had a little trip out to a nearby island to wander round looking at the old abbey as well as the more modern buildings left over from fortification during both the World Wars. Bob came along too of course. It was certainly about time that he managed to get out and do some exploring again.

So not only a return from Bob and the rest of the minifig crew, but also a return from me being creative and getting out there and having fun once again.



Launching Louie



Liberty had heard there was a new unicorn in town. She just had to check him out.

Liberty had heard there was a new unicorn in town………


Who expected after a random conversation two years ago, that I’d once again be collaborating with the author Rachel Hamilton again for the launch of her next children’s book, and all because of a chance comment about LEGO loo’s!

This time she steps away from exploding objects (well I don’t think there are many exploding objects in her newest book) and enters into the world of unicorns. Not just any unicorn, but Louie the unicorn. A unicorn in New York.

So of course when she asked if I could come up with another LEGO based photo to coincide with the release of her book, I couldn’t resist. The thinking cap was on, and despite a slight technical hitch along the way ( a vital piece of my plan, that hasn’t turned up as yet) we have at least something LEGO minifigure based to do the job. Well I hope it does. I’m always a little nervous when I’ve done something specifically for someone else, as you never know if they are going to like it or not. Generally they do, which is great, and is the icing on the cake (something Rachel likes I believe, but who doesn’t like cake?) when they love your work as much as you do.

So Louie may make an appearance as part of the ‘booklego’ series I’m doing as well, or at least once Louie arrives here at World of Minifigs that is. So far it looks like he’s on an extended vacation to New York, however in the meantime, if you wish to find out what happens to Louie, you can find out by reading his adventures in ‘Louie Lets Loose’!


Book 37 ~ Robots of Dawn

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The Robots of Dawn ~ Isaac Asimov

Not my usual genre of choice when it comes to reading material, however my cousin introduced to Asimov a few years ago when he bought me a couple of books as a gift. The Robots of Dawn was one of them, and I have to say I really enjoyed it, and the others in the ‘robot’ series. The Robots of Dawn is the third book in the series, the first two being The Caves of Steel and The Naked Sun.

The Robots of Dawn ~ Isaac Asimov: Plainclothesman Baley must travel from Earth to another planet to investigate the murder of Robot Jander. Jander who was designed after Baley’s robot friend and partner, Daneel Olivaw, has been put in ‘roblock’ and his mind has been erased. The robot’s creator is suspected as the murderer because he has political motives, as well as admitting that he is the only person with the skill to have done it.

Book 36 ~ Mary Poppins

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Mary Poppins ~ P L Travers

Mary Poppins, practically perfect in every way. The Disney film, was shown on tv pretty much every Christmas when I was little, and it wasn’t until several years later that I first read the actual book. Like most books they differ slightly from the film adaptations, with some things omitted and other situations included that didn’t necessarily appear in any of the books. P L Travers wrote eight books based on and around the magical nanny, Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins ~ P L Travers:  The magical English nanny, Mary Poppins is blown by the East wind to Number 17 Cherry Tree Lane, London, and into the Banks’s household to care for their children after their old Nanny, Katie Nana, storms out in a huff. Although Mary Poppins seems stern, vain, and usually cross, but the children soon discover that she has a magical touch that makes her wonderful, leading them to all kinds of  encounters with chimney sweeps, shopkeepers and  other various adventures. That is until Mary Poppins abruptly leaves when the West wind blows.

Book 34 ~ The Horse And His Boy

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The Horse and His Boy ~ CS Lewis

The Horse and His Boy was the fifth published of seven novels in The Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis, although it appears as the 3rd book in the series, in order of chronology of Narnian history.  I had read the Magician’s Nephew as part of a class topic in Primary School. I still have my work book from the time. Later on I read the Lion, Witch and Wardrobe. Despite having the complete set of Narnia stories, I never got into reading the rest of the books until much later on in life. However once I did, I was drawn back into the magical world, and couldn’t put them down until I had finished them all. I just wish that I had discovered them all sooner.

The Horse and His Boy ~ CS Lewis: On a desperate journey, Shasta and his horse Bree, meet fellow escapee Aravis and her horse Hwin and join forces. Though they are only looking to escape their harsh and narrow lives, they soon find themselves at the center of a terrible battle. It is a battle that will decide their fate and the fate of Narnia itself.

Book 33 ~ Angels and Demons

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Angels & Demons ~ Dan Brown

I know technically it’s only one angel and one demon, but you know what I mean…… Time is very precious at the moment and hardly stopping in the last week or so for anything other than sleep sadly affects my blog updates. Someone else who knows what it is like to have time ticking away ever quicker, when under pressure, is the main character in ‘Angels & Demons’, Robert Langdon. Most people will have heard of ‘The Da Vinci Code’ also written by Dan Brown, and probably think that that was the first book he wrote, but ‘Angels & Demons’ was in fact the first book Dan Brown wrote with Robert Langdon as the central character.

Angels & Demons ~ Dan Brown: When a renowned scientist is found murdered, Robert Langdon is summoned to identify the mysterious symbol that has been seared into the man’s chest.  The conclusion is that it is the work of a secret ‘society’ that hasn’t been heard of for 400 years, who wish to continue their vendetta against their sworn enemy.

LEGO Summer Fun

LEGO logo made from Minifigs

LEGO logo made from Minifigs

The past few weeks have been somewhat hectic to say the least, not just with the daily grind of work and family life, although I am currently glad it’s the holidays, but it’s also been a busy few weeks trying to sort out some of my images for LEGO to use for a campaign they are running this summer on their websites.

I couldn’t really ask for a bigger accolade. I started out doing this for my own pleasure, and to aid my photography and creative processes. But to be asked by LEGO themselves, if they could collaborate and use some of my images in this way is fantastic. Hopefully that means they will put a smile on others faces as much as they do on mine, as well as those of you, who have taken the trouble to look at them too over the past few years.

As it happened I was on a family trip to London, so I was eventually able to combine some business with pleasure and pop along to the fantastic new(ish) LEGO office there, to chat with some of the team and get a sneak preview of what was planned before it went ‘live’.

Bob poses for a photo before having a look around the office.

Bob poses for a photo before having a look around the office.

I was even lucky enough to be given a limited Mr ReBrick Minifig!

Mr ReBrick Minifig

Mr ReBrick Minifig

The aim being that the images will help provide a building block (ha-ha did you see what I did there? Got to love a good pun, and it was unintentional!) to help inspire kids to get out and have some ‘summer fun’ with their minifigs and LEGO bricks.

Enjoy your summer and ‘Keep Calm and Build On!’

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Book 23 ~ The Mummy

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The Mummy!: A Tale of the Twenty-Second Century ~ J. C Webb Loudon

The Mummy!: A Tale of the Twenty-Second Century ~ J. C Webb Loudon : Edwin and Dr. Entwerfen embark on an expedition to the tomb of Cheops, to shock him back to life with a galvanized battery. But the mummy runs out of the pyramid, hijacks their balloon, and flies back to England.

Book 22 ~ Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

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Little Red Riding Hood ~ Charles Perrault

Yes it is another classic fairy tale, and like most of them, it has been changed considerably in its history and subject to numerous modern adaptations. It was first published by Charles Perrault, but the story became famous after appearing in the Grimm Fairy Tales collections.

Little Red Riding Hood ~ Charles Perrault: Little Red Riding Hood’s mother tells her to take some food to her Granny who is sick. Little Red Riding Hood meets the wolf and she tells him where she is going. The wolf goes ahead of her and eats her Granny and then waits for Little Red Riding Hood to come. What will happen to Little Red Riding Hood!

Book 20 ~ Frankenstein

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Frankenstein ~ Mary Shelley

I wonder how many people have seen Frankenstein portrayed in different ways on film or television, but haven’t actually read the novel? I’m certainly one of them. It seems Frankenstein is often used as a subject choice in film or television, but how close is the image we are used to seeing, to the one described in the book? I suspect it is completely different. But I guess I’ll know for definite when I actually get around to reading the book. My book list of books to read is ever expanding. One thing I do thank this project for is that I’m actually likely to pick up books  I never thought I would. This is in part to having to think about the title and the character in a different way to consider how to photograph it using Lego Minifigs, that I feel compelled to get to know the subject properly.

Frankenstein ~ Mary Shelley:  Victor Frankenstein is a scientist who succeeds in bringing to life a monster created from the organs of dead men. When Frankenstein’s monster realises how he came to be and is rejected by mankind, he seeks revenge on his creator’s family.