Series 15 Minifigs

I’ve still not had time to think about the booklego series I was doing last year, however I will be continuing it until all 52 are done, then I will see where I go after that. I have an idea, I just need the time and opportunities to implement it.

In the meantime there is a new set of LEGO minifigures due out. Series 15!

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It’s nice to see a few completely different figs appearing for parts usage and for adding to existing sets. Crutches with clumsy guy are great, as is Shark Suit Guy. Nice to see a ‘baby’ fig too as part of a main fig, as well as a couple of animals as accessories.

I will definitely be picking up a few. I didn’t buy many of the Monster series, but I’m hoping a new injection of figs for the collection will inspire me to find the time to get on with the project.

Which figs do you like out of this set?


Minifigures Series 9

The LEGO group have finally revealed officially the new minifigs to be included in series 9, which are due for release in the new year.

There have been rumours and lists floating around the web for a little while now, but they are officially on the LEGO website…here

LEGO Minifigures Series 9

LEGO Minifigures
Series 9

There is a lot of potential with some of these, and nice to see a good mix of different ones, not just rehashes of older versions

So who likes which ones, and which is top of your to buy list?