The Beginnings

These are some of the photos I took of the good old Lego minifigs during my 365 project. Mainly on days of little inspiration or opportunities for anything else. Which is a bit bizarre as I had to have some inspiration to come up with a concept however  in the 1st place.

Self representation in Lego

So this was my 1st ever Minifig photo. Not a true representation, as I was limited on clothing and hair styles. I’m not really bald, nor do I go around wearing robber clothing either. It featured quite early on in my 365. Not because I was stuck for inspiration really. The 2nd week of my project I had decided to do macro for a weeks theme. So this was one of them. Hopefully there has been some improvement in not only the execution but the concepts as well. But everyone has to start somewhere. Don’t they?

It was very near the end of the 1st half of my 365 before I did another proper minifig photo. This time it was a fisherman

Go Fish!

The headboard of the bed gave me a good plinth to work from and the water is actually a blue rugby shirt of mine, creatively draped over the pillows. It is actually amazing what household objects can be used quite well to set a scene. I’m not sure I’ll be sharing all my tricks of the trade though. Some I think are a little ingenious and would prefer to keep those secrets to myself, well for now anyway

A number of weeks later, and it was time to get creative again. A classic scene came to mind…… The Village People!

Anyone want to go to the YMCA?

I had great fun trying to find the right, or as close to the right parts as I could. And I don’t think I did too badly.

The next 2 photos came pretty close together, a couple of days between them. Photographic inspiration must have been low, however creative inspiration wasn’t doing too badly.

1st up we have a film title cover. I do like the film and it seemed to be fairly easy to recreate in Lego, but have impact as well. Well that’s what I hoped anyway.

Life is like a box of chocolates........

This was followed by The Sound of Music. I love this film. I blame my Dad. He told me he saw it in the cinema when it first came out, well into double figures! I have many happy memories of sitting down to watch it with him. A good friend of mine also loves the Sound of Music, and she was part of the inspiration behind it as I knew she’d love to see it in Lego. So that is exactly what I did. Confession time here is that I only had two sailor outfits, so I had to do a lot of photo cloning to put them all together after taking a photo of each character separately.

The hills are alive

Now not officially a minifig photo as such, more like a packet from series 5 when they 1st hit the shelves of the shop.

Series 5

The next one might not make a lot of sense but it truly portrayed my day. My other love after Lego and of course photography is Geocaching (check out is essentially a global treasure hunt using GPS co-ordinates to find a container, in which you sign the log to say you found it.

Well this particular day I went off in the 2 hrs free I had one lunchtime to try and grab a series near home. However I got there to find my GPS unit wouldn’t work, and my phone was being useless and was sending me way off mark, or seemed to be anyway. So I had to give up and come home again, before I had really started. My photo for the day was going to be of a cowpat, as I was stood next to a field of cows at the time of discovering my GPS was of no use, and it pretty much summed up my day. But after a while I decided to get the Lego out, and get creative. So I recreated the scene with the cow and me and my GPS. It’s not great as a photo, but it did the trick at the time

Geocaching adventures

So my 365 was finished, but that didn’t stop me from continuing. I’ve always enjoyed Lego. I blame my brother entirely. Lego railway used to dominate our house, and if you can’t beat them, then join them! Now I have kids of my own, it has rekindled the love for the little nobbled plastic brick. It also means I have a good excuse for playing with them again. It’s for the kids really, honestly it is!

Well with series 5 well and truly underway, I was keen to get my hands on the guardsmen figures. Kindly a friend sent both the kids one each, so of course that meant a photograph had to be constructed at some point.

Changing of the Guards

The kids hadn’t long been signed up to receive the Lego kids club magazines, when the 1st one arrived, just before Christmas. The older one followed some great model building instructions that were in one of the copies. (They both get slightly different ones targeted at their different age groups). After a quick look online for some ideas, I decided to build a Duplo Christmas Tree to go with the Father Christmas the older one had built. The idea was that the younger one was going to build the tree after I found some easy instructions for him to follow. But he wasn’t having any of it. Oh well, what a shame. I’ll have to then 🙂

We liked how they turned out so much that they became decorations for the sideboard in the dining room. It was still only November at this point, and completely against my principles when it came to when Christmas decorations should go up. So for a few weeks they had pride of place on their own on the sideboard, until the time came to add the rest of the decoration to them. They are now going to be a regular fixture at Christmas time.

Duplo Christmas Tree and Lego Father Christmas

There was one more photo that I was quite keen to do. I had had it as a thought when I was working on the Forrest Gump, and Sound of Music ones. It was another film related picture, the only problem was I didn’t quite have the minifig or accessories I needed to carry it out. Series 5 contained a gangster minifig, and he was perfect for what I needed. The challenge now was to actually find one. Patience paid off, and with my good packet feeling skills, I finally had one in the trolley. Must also give the security guards something to watch on the cameras, watching me in the toy aisle for minute upon minute working my way through those little foil packets to find hopefully the one we are hoping for.

James Bond is 007


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