The Chase

YS has spent all morning devising and building a cops and robbers scene based on the Lego city Forest Police series. I reckon he did a cool job. He set it all up himself including the water aka a blue rugby shirt inside out.

will the robbers escape with the stolen money?

The robbers have escaped with the stolen money as far as the lake, where they picked up their raft. However the Police are not far behind in hot pursuit.

I’m not sure why the robbers are already handcuffed, but I guess it will make the Police’s job easier when they catch them, but I love the fact the dog is on the speed boat as well. Hope no-one falls in!






8 comments on “The Chase

  1. legogirl says:

    Wow the little man will be so chuffed in the morning. I entered it into a Lego competition and I’ve just found out it’s been picked out as one of the daily winners, so he’s got a lovely bundle of Lego goodies heading his way!

  2. craftycarine says:

    Great idea for a blog! Great pics! 😀

  3. Jo Dane says:

    Whoo hoo for YS!! Great scene… expertly photographed, of course!

  4. legogirl says:

    He was so excitied this morning, still is!

  5. Pauline says:

    Well done YS

  6. Eric says:

    LOVE the use of the shirt for the water. Brilliant!

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