Week 19…….Thrillseeker

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Bob loved living life on the edge

Life the past few weeks or months seems to have got a little mundane around here, just the same old stuff day in day out. Which in the main I don’t mind, but I feel the need of a bit of thrill seeking, live life on the edge for a change. I am actually quite a spontaneous type of person, and love just deciding to do something, normally fairly random, and go off and do it. But due to commitments in life I’m not able to do it that often these days, and I think it is that that I’m missing.

It used to be filled by playing rugby a few times a week but the past 2 years that’s not been an option, so has been replaced by geocaching. But I can’t do that as routinely as I could the rugby. It was great at the weekend as I got a whole day to go and play (geocaching), just me by myself without the family. Some me time, spent with like minded people, and I had a blast. But I need more, it’s good for my metal health too.

I love the big wide outdoors, space to think and most of all be me, the slightly mad nutty me, the real quirky me, the inner child me, not the boring sensible uptight me that I probably portray to those closest to me.

So what do you guys do for a bit of thrill seeking, live life on the edge kind of stuff?


2 comments on “Week 19…….Thrillseeker

  1. Minifig Fun says:

    Wow, I don’t even know now what I’d do. I’ve been so focused on being a mom for the last few years, all I really care about now is to at least 1 meal a day without someone trying to sit on my lap, nurse or cry for mommy to help with something 🙂

    • legogirl says:

      LOL I so know where you are coming from. My youngest is off to school in a few months, so is a little more independant these days. Although not sure they get any easier as they get older tbh

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