Week 20…..The search continues

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I don’t think this was the galaxy we were looking for was it James?

Looking back over the last 20 weeks worth of photos, a see a theme developing involving chocolate. I do enjoy chocolate admittedly and I’m sure minifigs are no exception.

All credit goes to an ex colleague, now friend who gave me the idea for this one a few weeks ago when I did my last chocolate themed minifig photo. I would have loved to have taken it within a shop setting upon the shelves, but getting permission would have been more hassle than it was probably worth, and I don’t have connections to little corner shops these days which would have been more willing than big supermarket chains.

As the bars state upon the wrapper, there is more to share………

Later on this week I will have more to share with you all, in terms of a fab giveaway prize, which those young Lego fans amongst us will surely love (not to mention the adults!) so WATCH THIS SPACE, for a chance to win a fun filled adventure that will be out of this world!


One comment on “Week 20…..The search continues

  1. I love the expressions on their faces. Nice job

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