Book 33 ~ Angels and Demons

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Angels & Demons ~ Dan Brown

I know technically it’s only one angel and one demon, but you know what I mean…… Time is very precious at the moment and hardly stopping in the last week or so for anything other than sleep sadly affects my blog updates. Someone else who knows what it is like to have time ticking away ever quicker, when under pressure, is the main character in ‘Angels & Demons’, Robert Langdon. Most people will have heard of ‘The Da Vinci Code’ also written by Dan Brown, and probably think that that was the first book he wrote, but ‘Angels & Demons’ was in fact the first book Dan Brown wrote with Robert Langdon as the central character.

Angels & Demons ~ Dan Brown: When a renowned scientist is found murdered, Robert Langdon is summoned to identify the mysterious symbol that has been seared into the man’s chest.  The conclusion is that it is the work of a secret ‘society’ that hasn’t been heard of for 400 years, who wish to continue their vendetta against their sworn enemy.