Book 38 ~ 5 Weeks in a Balloon

5 weeks balloon copyright

5 Weeks in a Balloon ~ Jules Verne


Jules Verne’s 2nd novel, but considered the first where he got the formula right for his future ‘adventure stories’. Although my first thoughts and perhaps yours too, is that it should be ‘ Around the World in 80 Days’ which Verne wrote about a decade later, but a hot air balloon didn’t feature in the book, it was only in the film adaptations of ‘ Around the World in 80 Days’ that one appeared. However ‘5 Weeks in a Balloon’ strangely as the title suggests did, and why it has become the book title to portray. Being a lesser known title by most then it’s also good to highlight it over Verne’s more well known novels such as ’80 days’ and ‘Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea’.

5 Weeks in a Balloon ~ Jules Verne:  Dr. Samuel Ferguson, a scholar and explorer, is joined by  his servant Joe and his friend Dick Kennedy, as he sets out to travel across the African continent which is still not fully explored, in a hydrogen filled balloon. Whilst on their travels, the trio have to escape a variety of setbacks they encounter whilst on their journey.


2 comments on “Book 38 ~ 5 Weeks in a Balloon

  1. alythmum says:

    Another great review … thanks.

    I’ve never heard of that book.. Sounds interesting. I might go and see if I can download it to my kindle. Have you actually read it?

    How did you make the balloon? Is it a whole balloon or just the bottom?

    • I haven’t read it either, I have to confess. I like most was thinking along the lines of Around the world in 80 days, but once I realised the book itself (again never read it -tut tut) (but I did watch the 1980’s cartoon version of Phileas Fogg) didn’t actually contain a balloon I thought bother. However a bit of extra research led me to Verne’s earlier work of 5 weeks in a balloon and I then went Eureka!

      As for the balloon, it is a whole lego balloon, this one is one of the friends sets. I bought it as I needed a certain piece to complete the Launching Louie photo, but obviously the balloon part also potentially had it’s use too 🙂

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