Book 31~ Trainspotting

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Trainspotting ~ Irvine Welsh

Apologies to start with with the long delay on updates. After some much needed time away, it’s been all go since I got back, so much so, I’ve been finding it is increasingly difficult to fit everything in. And that is not the things that I really want to do, the things I enjoy, just for me.  I have had a LEGO set for over a month now, and I’ve still not had the time to look at it, let alone build it!

However I’ve had to take a little break form the main thing I’m meant to be doing right this minute, to get the blog back on track…..which leads me nicely on to the image for this book 🙂

Trainspotting – most likely known by many from the film of the same name produced by Danny Boyle. Like a lot of films, their origins begin within the pages of a book.

I had a huge amount of luck whilst taking this photo, a nice fairly deserted station, with lots of platforms, and I couldn’t have timed it better for the ad hoc location whilst away on holiday, a train arrived just as I was taking photos. Perfect!

Trainspotting ~Irvine Welsh: It is a collection of  stories (some parts using Scottish dialect) narrating scenes in the lives of a group of young adults growing up in Edinburgh in the 1980’s and various people around them – their families, lovers, drug suppliers, partners in crime, or victims. Together they struggle to survive experimenting with heroin and each other. One of them has the vision and the sense to see he must break free from his friends and wasteful life. But what will the outcome be?


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