Book 29 ~ The Postman

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The Postman ~ David Brin

I was meaning to do a postman related image before I started the ‘booklego’ series, as I had been asked if I could do an image involving a postman, but it has taken me until now to get my act together. The person who had asked was celebrating a special occasion last week, so that gave me the motivation to get on with it and to stop putting it off. And of course it had to be related to a book, otherwise it would have to wait that little bit longer. Luckily for them it was on my list of possible books to do, so here it is. Everyone deserves to celebrate or receive good news, and there is no better way than the postman delivering it to your door!

The Postman ~ David Brin: The civilized world has been destroyed and remnants of civilization exist in small independent towns. Gordon Krantz, one of the relatively few survivors of the collapse of civilization, looses all his possessions to robbers. He finds an abandoned mail van and puts on the uniform he finds there for warmth. He also takes the bag of mail that was also in the van to help persuade the residents of a community to give him food. They take him to be the ‘real’ postman, the con gets out of hand, and he is forced to continue the masquerade on his wanderings.


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