Book 28 ~ The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up

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Peter Pan ~ J M Barrie

This is  a slight deviation from my usual style. Although very occasionally I need to use a backdrop that I don’t physically have in front of me, or can’t create from items dotted about the house, I do normally, if I have to create one or use another image I’ve taken previously, get it up on the computer screen then set up my minifigs in front of that before taking the photo. This usually requires the use of a pile of books to get the figs up to the right level, but it does the trick. It is not a trick I employ very often, only when needs must. I much prefer getting out and about with my figs in the big wide world.

This weeks booklego image was one of those that I was not able to really set up in front of a backdrop in real life. This meant having to employ my computer skills in graphic design. I was actually really pleased with my starry sky that I managed to create. This meant I just had to take photos of the minifigs I required at the right angles and then by the power of modern computer magic overlay them onto my generated background. A little bit of final fairy dust, finished it off nicely.

And now onto the magic of the book itself, as that’s really the whole point of this years project, to highlight book titles with Lego Minifigures.

Peter Pan ~ J M Barrie: Is about a boy called Peter Pan who never grows up and can fly. Peter meets the Darling children, Wendy, John and Michael, in London and brings them to Neverland, a magical island, where they have a series of adventures.


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