Book 20 ~ Frankenstein

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Frankenstein ~ Mary Shelley

I wonder how many people have seen Frankenstein portrayed in different ways on film or television, but haven’t actually read the novel? I’m certainly one of them. It seems Frankenstein is often used as a subject choice in film or television, but how close is the image we are used to seeing, to the one described in the book? I suspect it is completely different. But I guess I’ll know for definite when I actually get around to reading the book. My book list of books to read is ever expanding. One thing I do thank this project for is that I’m actually likely to pick up books  I never thought I would. This is in part to having to think about the title and the character in a different way to consider how to photograph it using Lego Minifigs, that I feel compelled to get to know the subject properly.

Frankenstein ~ Mary Shelley:  Victor Frankenstein is a scientist who succeeds in bringing to life a monster created from the organs of dead men. When Frankenstein’s monster realises how he came to be and is rejected by mankind, he seeks revenge on his creator’s family.


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