Book 19 ~ The Girl Without Hands

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The Girl Without Hands ~ Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

Grimm by name and grim by nature. Classic fairy tales in general seems to have quite dark and sinister plots to them. The Girl without hands is no exception.

The Girl Without Hands ~ Jacob & Wilhelm Grimm: A miller falls into poverty and is tricked by the devil disguised as an old man, into promising him his daughter. The daughter, however, is so pure and beautiful, that the devil can have nothing to do with her. He hopes to make the daughter unclean by having her hands cut off, and therefore being able to claim her for his own.


2 comments on “Book 19 ~ The Girl Without Hands

  1. I thought I knew most of the Grimm fairy stories but I have never heard of this one.

    • It wasn’t one that I was aware of either. I had heard of Margaret Atwood’s poem under the same name, but not the Grimm original. They were certainly slightly macabre in their storytelling!

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