Book 13 ~ The Witches

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The Witches ~ Roald Dahl

Who doesn’t love a Roald Dahl book? I can remember the first Dahl book I was bought or given. It was ‘The Magic Finger’ and I was probably around about the age of 7. I still have it today, along with the other Dahl books I’ve owned over the years. The Witches being one of them, although sadly, and I do not know why, as I am such a book lover (other than Lego, of course) it seems to have gone AWOL over the years. I rarely give away books, or certainly not ones that have meant something to me. Books are like Lego, with the right care, they last for years and can be passed from generation to generation. Just like the fact my kids play with the Lego I had as a child as well as their own, they also have books I loved and read as a child. However it is no longer in my collection, which rests upon one of the kids book cases these days, but I can remember it being one of the latter books of his that I bought. Despite that though I can still remember the outline of the story, possibly because I have always believed my own mother to also be a witch that it resonated with me in some way!

The Witches ~ Roald Dahl: After his parents die in a car crash, a young boy goes to live  with his grandmother in Norway. She tells him stories about witches, who are completely bald and always wear wigs, have really long, curved fingernails that they usually hide by wearing gloves, square feet squeezed into fashionable shoes and blue spit. The grandmother tells her grandson that all the stories are true and that he must be on the lookout for witches, who loathe children. One day they go to a seaside resort where the English witches are having a convention just like normal people in the hotel. Whilst staying there, the boy overhears the grand witch’s plot to eliminate all of the children in England.


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