Book 10 ~ The Boy in a Dress

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The Boy In A Dress ~ David Walliams

The Boy in The Dress  ~ David Walliams. This is Walliams’ first book, of which he has gone on to write several more aimed at children aged 8-12.  The story is based around Dennis who loves football. Dennis has no-one to turn to, since his mum left home and finds comfort remembering his mother’s yellow dress in an old picture. Dennis sees the same dress on the cover of a Vogue magazine, but his lorry driver father and older brother don’t like or understand his fascination with the dress in the magazine.  Dennis then meets Lisa, an older, more popular girl who wants to be a designer and with her help he realises that it’s ok to be different.

Although in the book the dress Dennis wears is actually an electric blue colour, I didn’t have access to a  similar ‘dressed’ minifig. So I opted to go for the orange dress that was used in the BBC TV adaptaion of the book that was aired in 2014.


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