Book 7 ~ 3 Men in a Boat

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‎Three Men in a Boat ~ Jerome K. Jerome

I was so glad I happened to have the figs required whilst out and about recently. It really was the perfect location for what I had in mind for this book title and I hadn’t gone there with the sole intention of booklego images either. Roo, one of Little Big Art‘s icons makes an appearance as well as Bob, who regulars to the blog may also recognise.

Well as a popular current music track goes……. ‘it’s all about the books, ’bout the books, ’bout the books……(it’s really bass not books, but we are here for the books and of course the Lego!)

So this week we have:-

Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K. Jerome: It is also known by it’s subtitle of ‘To Say Nothing of the Dog’. It is an amusing account of a two-week boat trip up the Thames River from London to Oxford and back. The trip is taken by  ‘J’ and his friends George and Harris as well as his dog, Montmorency. After a few false starts in the preparations, the three men finally leave on their journey in a rented rowboat. Much like the  journey the story depicts, the book meanders from place to place, and is interspersed with hilarious anecdotes about his friends that he is reminded of by various events on the trip.

Yet another book I’ve not read, but is being added to my list of future reads. Has anyone else read it, or have now been inspired to?


2 comments on “Book 7 ~ 3 Men in a Boat

  1. That’s cool. Look at my blog now! (It is lego too.)

  2. Haven’t actually read it but have listened to it on Radio 4 (does that count? ) . It was hysterical in places.

    It’s one of those strange books that the idea of reading fascinates me but i never quite seem to manage to find a copy and read it. LoL.

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