Book 6 ….. The Running Man

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The Running Man ~ Stephen King

The Running Man was first published under the pseudonym Richard Bachman by Stephen King in 1982.

The Running Man by Stephen King ~ The main character is Ben Richards. The story follows him as he participates in the game show ‘The Running Man’ in which contestants,  who are allowed to go anywhere in the world , are chased by “Hunters” employed to kill them. The reward is a billion dollars. The catch is that everyone else on the planet is watching and willing to turn him in for a reward. The chapters of the book are laid out in a countdown format. The first is titled Minus 100 and Counting



4 comments on “Book 6 ….. The Running Man

  1. Foolish Lego says:

    I always thought “the running man” was a movie with Schwarzenegger. Not running around the world, but running in a sort of maze as part of a game-show. Never knew there was another movie… let alone a book.

  2. I too know the movie but have never read the book. Is the book worth reading?

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