Week 149 ….. Rhyming Pigs. Part 1

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This little piggy went to market…..


I have to say I wasn’t really that fussed with the Pig Minifig from series 12, well that was until my brain went into overdrive and I saw that it had possibilities.

Who didn’t like this little rhyme as a child, ending with a tickle of the foot whilst saying the last line. And for those of you who possibly haven’t come across this nursery rhyme, then over the coming weeks you most certainly will. 🙂


5 comments on “Week 149 ….. Rhyming Pigs. Part 1

  1. thisiwrite says:

    Looking forward to the next 9 ‘piggies’

  2. Foolish Lego says:

    Great minds think alike haha… Ahum, i mean today’s photo is a biut a piggy too. Great shot! I always enjoy the happiness in your photo’s

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