Week 145 ….. Autumnal Fun

The workmen were busy getting ready for their annual Conker Championship Challenge.lego; minifigs; minifigure; photography; minifgure; worldofminifigs; world of minifigs;

The workmen were busy getting ready for their annual Conker Championship Challenge.

Some people ask me how I come up with the ideas for my LEGO Minifigure photographs. Quite often the answer is I truly don’t know.

There are images that come from a preconceived idea, that has been thought out in advance, especially when there are new editions of minifgs available in the shops. Once they are advertised then certain ones just lend themselves to being in a certain situation. But quite often, I’ll no idea of what it’s going to be, or what form it will take. They might develop from a snippet of a conversation or a saying or phrase that happens to crop up whilst listening to the radio or reading a book. More often than not I’ll have no idea, then one will begin, and it will evolve, and adapt, and I’ll end up somewhere and with something far removed from the original idea, but I know when I’ve hit on the right combination as it feels ‘right’. There are of course times when none of that happens and I have to go with whatever, even if it’s not quite right in one way or another, as the creative juices aren’t flowing, or the work schedule is just too busy.

This weeks is one of those that I had not thought about beforehand, and just came about. I knew I needed to get it done early this week due to work, but that was as far as I had got. No Series 12 minifigures were in my local shop, so I couldn’t use those ideas either. It was purely by chance I had to go into the town to sort out a few things. I couldn’t get parked where I usually would, but I was lucky enough to find a space in another road nearby. It was whilst I was walking along the road, I spotted some horse chestnuts in the gutter, having fallen off a nearby tree. I carried on walking thinking nothing more, than it’s definitely autumn now, and how last year myself and the kids had collect some and had amused ourselves with our own game of conkers. It was then I started to formulate an idea, it could work, but if I at least have a couple of conkers, there at least is a backup plan. So after retracing my steps for a couple of metres, I collected a couple of conkers from the gutter. I’m sure the man in the car parked opposite thought nothing of it, and carried on my way, conkers clacking together nicely in my pocket. By the time I got back home, the idea was fully formed. The rest they say, is history…….


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