Ice Bucket Challenge

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Emmet’s Ice Bucket Challenge was Awesome!


Well I was challenged to take part in the Ice Bucket Challenge that has been sweeping the nation, but Lego stylee, via fellow AFOL over on twitter. Well why shouldn’t the minifigs get involved? All done to raise awareness and funds for  Motor Neurone Disease.

So here is our contribution, and a donation is winging it’s way too.


2 comments on “Ice Bucket Challenge

  1. bsv103 says:

    Clever use of that hairpiece to suggest a relaxed version of Emmet’s usual hairstyle.

    • Thanks. I had actually forgotten which hair Emmet as a minifig had, and just happened to choose that one. My youngest told me that it was normally the spiky one, so I did then point out to him, that if he had water poured over his head then it’d look like the one he was wearing. So I have to confess it was more by good luck than clever thinking for that part. 🙂

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