Week 137 ….. The Flying Visit

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The Tooth Fairy had completed another successful mission.


Well it seemed appropriate when last week saw 3 teeth being lost between two children. However only the one survived. They both ended up swallowing one each! I still can’t quite work out how the hardly wobbly one came out with a knock from a football. The reason is, it’s neighbouring tooth was extremely wobbly and it was hanging on by a thread, quite literally.  No amount of wobbling or pulling was going to get it to come out. The football didn’t manage it either. It took a whole 24hrs from the football tooth extraction for the other to come out. This time it took a piece of garlic bread, and went unnoticed before it was too late. That one was swallowed. Luckily for them both the ‘tooth fairy’ still paid out even though there was no evidence of a physical tooth anymore. Lucky them.



One comment on “Week 137 ….. The Flying Visit

  1. alythmum says:

    The tooth fairy would have paid up for them here too BUT she used to refuse to pay up if the teeth was rotten.as the resale value was too low. 😉

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