Week 131….. Ferry Across The Mersey

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Bob stopped to admire the magnificent Liver Building after hopping off the Mersey Ferry.


We went on a little sightseeing tour earlier in the week. A place I know fairly well from my youth. Although we never really did the ‘touristy’ bits like going on a ferry across the Mersey back then.  I can’t even type it without the song popping into my head from Gerry and the Pacemakers back in the 60’s, although I do have to point out I only know it from later years when I had to learn it for a show I was in!

We had a lovely day, the weather was good, which makes all the difference, not only for the boat ride, but also for taking photographs.

The Liver Building is famous for it’s ‘Liver Birds’ You can see one at the top of the image, but there are two. One is at the opposite end of the building, looking over the city whilst one looks out over the river.




2 comments on “Week 131….. Ferry Across The Mersey

  1. alythmum says:

    I never knew those Liver Birds existed. I only knew the ones on the TV. LoL.

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