Week 128 ….. A Whole Other World

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Bob and his Dad stopped off by the weir. It was weir-ly good. Max just wanted one of them to throw a stick for him.


I have recently had the pleasure and the opportunity to explore the City of Edinburgh. It really is a lovely city. There are so many hidden, and not so hidden gems. The water of Leith is one of them. Winding it’s way through the centre of the city, from the hills to the port of Leith on the Firth of Forth. For most of the time along it’s course, you would never know you were in a city. An occasional rumble from traffic and glimpse of a building here and there are the only reminders for most of it. You are instantly transported to another place far away. I have done several stretches of it now when I’ve been in the area, and still not been disappointed. I could easily spend many hours just wandering along taking in the sounds of the water and the birds. Even on a damp day, which it was when I went last week (yes I’m a bit behind with this post with being away etc), it was still wonderful. It was also warm so maybe that helped too, along with the tree’s being in leaf, unlike last time I was along this stretch.

I can’t wait to have another excuse to visit and explore more hidden worlds within the city.


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