Week 126 …..Nostalgia Trip

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Lucy decided today was a good day revisit her childhood pastimes.


Everyone is allowed a lazy day of sorts every so often. Occasionally I like to play computer games. I certainly don’t play them as often as I used to, but a tiny piece of escapism now and then into them is good.

I do like a few modern games, but there is a wonderful, almost euphoric feeling, when revisiting those more nostalgic games from your youth. In mine, it was mainly the ZX Spectrum. The graphics may be outdated, and at the time the games took forever to load, but some of the gameplay can’t be beaten. Games like Manic Minor, Skool Daze and Rockman will always have a space not only in my memory, but also in my heart for the fun times I had playing them.

Luckily some wonderful people created an emulator for the spectrum, so from time to time I have a play of those classic games. The best thing, you don’t have to wait half and hr or so for a game to load, assuming the tape had been rewound to the start point from the last time it was played!

Happy Days


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