Week 124 …..The Grass is Always Greener?

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It was a good job Karl enjoyed mowing the grass. This was going to take a while.


It is that time of the year again where a bit of spring warmth, combined with the copious amounts of rain that we usually get, results in one thing. Rapid plant growth. It’s amazing the speed the grass alone has been growing around these parts. I normally cut my neighbours lawn, to help her out. Every couple of weeks is normally all it needs, but I had to give it another cut this week, despite only cutting last week. Not only that but I also had to mow the grass down at the tennis club, as I crazily volunteered to do it last year or the year before. Now that does take a long time!

Not only is the grass growing well, so are the flower borders. Admittedly the borders due to their relative neglect the last couple of years, as I was relatively immobile, and the horrendously rubbish quality soil we have, don’t really have many flowers in them.  They should do, and that has always been my aim. I am actually quite green fingered. I used to work in a garden centre, so I do know what I’m talking about and know what I should be doing. However the rubbish quality of the soil certainly in certain areas, means that despite being planted nearly 10 years now, they have made very little growth on them at all. They are merely just surviving, rather than thriving.

One, or in fact, many things do seem to thrive however. The weeds! Despite being limited in my weeding ability the past 3 or so years due to dodgy knees, I had done some weeding. However this spring, wow have they taken off. There is more evidence of weed growth than anything else in my garden at the moment. It is rather depressing.

Due to the poor soil, we also have a very narrow window of opportunity to weed. The very very heavy clay, although holds water and nutrients longer than other soils, is a nightmare to work with. It is either too wet, and is stickier than a whole vat of super strength glue, or it is so dry it would give cured concrete a good run for it’s money in hardness. And of course you can always guarantee, that when the soil is most likely, just about workable for extracting some of the weeds, the weather isn’t the most conducive to gardening. To these parts the norm seems to be a howling gale and a wind chill factor of about -10 degrees C, or failing that, normal life is in the way, and you don’t have actually anytime to do the weeding.

I’m sure one day it’ll all be looking the way I envisaged many moons ago, in the meantime I’ll carry on the weed battle, and one day I will win. It might take a while, but like Karl and his mowing, it’ll be done eventually.


2 comments on “Week 124 …..The Grass is Always Greener?

  1. Cracking picture, and great little mower. I understand that if your so minded, you could add stuff to your soil to modify it. I was told about this a number of years ago, and have added many supersize bags of compost each year. Now I think about, I wonder where it goes? Given the amount if muck I’ve added I should struggle to open the back door…..!

    • yes i know, and it has had extra good stuff added to it. The trouble is the hard pan of clay that is underneath the topsoil layer…I use the word topsoil very loosely though., although it’s gradually getting better.

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