Week 121 ….. Wordsearch

lego; minifigs; minifigure; photography; minifgure; worldofminifigs; world of minifigs;

Johnny just couldn’t find the words he was looking for.


Like writers, photographers also get a ‘block’; be it ideas, or just how to make something ordinary more interesting.

Having had a busy start to the week with school sport festivals involving  a good 10hrs of umpiring hockey games, my mental capacity for coming up with an idea was sadly a bit thin on the ground, despite my best attempts.

It was then, over on twitter, that an author that I follow, Jonathan Meres, posted that he was in need of words, and could anyone lend him some. I replied with a word if he could give me a concept for my photo this week. And lo and behold, not quite in the way he probably thought, he did.

He gave me the word ‘Tractors’. Now we do have a Lego tractor somewhere. But I know it’s in pieces, many of which I believe are now in some other creation or two of the youngest one. To give him his due, he is very good at recycling sets and free building with them, which really is the fundamental aim of Lego, use your imagination and build what you want, just like Emmet was encouraged to do in the great LEGO MOVIE.

But like most creative processes, one thought leads on to another, and so, I hope Mr Meres doesn’t object to me using him as the basis of my image. I also hope that he finds those words that he’s looking for.



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