Week 118 ….. Climb Every Mountain

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Jonny didn’t always have a mountain to climb, but a pineapple was handy for abseiling.


Sorry for lateness of post ths week. I’ve had my own mini mountain to climb. Lots to do, but a short timescale in which to do it, and not many things that could be done in advance. Not to mention the demon cake, that just did not want to be decorated for a 40th birthday. I’ve never had so many issues with a cake whilst decorating it before. However I’ve finally seemed to have reached the top of that particular mountain, and hopefully it’s a clear abseil down the other side to a more relaxing week.

This was actually the photo I had planned for last week, but couldn’t do as I stupidly cut it up before I had had chance to take photos.

For those that are on hoildays for the Easter break, have fun and enjoy. The minifigs are off for a mini break too, so see you all soon.


2 comments on “Week 118 ….. Climb Every Mountain

  1. mithriluna says:

    Sounds like my week and it (cutting up the pineapple) sounds like something I would do. Fun picture!

  2. alythmum says:

    Hope he managed his abseil in one piece …. and everyone enjoyed the cake. Enjoy your break.

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