Week 117 ….. Spring Cleaning Magic

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Even fairies need to spring clean. Fairy dust gets everywhere!


This wasn’t my intended photo for this week. I did have another plan, but I stupidly forgot to set up the photo before I had to use the prop I was going to use. Then again, I guess I can’t really make the kids go without their lunch, just because I hadn’t had chance to do the photo. Oh well, it’ll be there for next time, and in the meantime, with a few days of reasonably dry and believe it or not sunny weather; not that it means it’s been warm, far from it really, but I did start the great big garden spring clean yesterday. I may be some time finishing that job. Oh for a magic wand and a bit of fairy dust to magically transform it over night. Well one can wish can’t they?


4 comments on “Week 117 ….. Spring Cleaning Magic

  1. Love it! Very whimsical little build. Tons of great detail in such a compact scene.

    • kind words indeed. It’s half of the hagrid’s hut set, with a couple of added bits, like fairy dust and fairy carpets! 😉

      Not sure what the neighbours would have thought if they were looking out the windows whilst I was outside taking photos. lol

  2. alythmum says:

    If you do find any of that elusive fairy dust can you send some this way please. 😉

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