Week 115 ….. Spring has Sprung

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Bob and Max decided to make the most of the arrival of the spring sunshine by taking a lunchtime stroll along the beach.

Spring finally seems to have arrived. Admittedly it’s not been a cold winter, but it’s sure been a wet and windy one. Some sun and a hint of what’s to come ( hopefully) does wonders to your soul.

It seemed rude not to take advantage of it and get out and enjoy it in one way or another.

Perhaps if it hadn’t rained so much recently, and the ground was a little drier, this spring sunshine would have enabled me to get stuck into some much needed weeding in the garden. Which would also have meant that Bob wouldn’t have been out and about, but I may have managed to rope the workmen into helping me though 😉

So for once this week, I’ve done a few things, that these days are indulgent pleasures. Going for a walk for an hour or two, by myself, out in the peace and quiet of the countryside. The one I have indulged in the most the week, and certainly something I really do not seem to have the quality time to do any more is reading. Oh how I love to read, to get absorbed into a good book. To be taken to far away places and other periods of time. There really is nothing finer than getting completely lost within a book for several hours or more.

I’ve always been an avid reader. Safe and warm in the comfort of my bedroom, with the sun streaming through the window. A feeling of peace and calmness whilst the rest of the world bustles about it’s life, transported into the pages and the adventures that lie within. So even today I like nothing more on a nice sunny day to retreat to the bedroom, sit upon my bed, soak up the heat from the sun, and get taken on a journey through the words and pages of a book.


3 comments on “Week 115 ….. Spring has Sprung

  1. LostMedic says:

    I love this picture! I want to be on a beach and playing in the sand so bad right now!

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