Week 112 ….. OUCH!

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That painful moment when you realise you’ve just stood on a LEGO brick whilst half asleep. Ouch!


We’ve all done it. At least once in our lives. It seems to be an inevitable part of life and growing up where LEGO is concerned.

My brother always used to build elaborate railway systems that covered the passage way outside our bedrooms and onto the upper landing. Woe betide a night time trip to the bathroom without extreme caution! That 1970’s blue railway track was lethal on the sole of your bare foot!


2 comments on “Week 112 ….. OUCH!

  1. alythmum says:

    In a certain lad’s room it can be anytime but especially when opening or shutting the curtains. :/

    What I find amazing is the fact that the floor can be totally clear and yet I still manage to find, with my bare feet or even worse my knee while reaching for something else on the floor, the one piece of Lego that has been missed.

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