Week 111 ….. A fistful of Dollars

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Clint had finally made it into a Spaghetti Western. It only needed a fistful of dollars!

So today’s plan of taking photos whilst out and about went truly out the window. There just wasn’t the ideal place or opportunity. However once we had returned home from our geocaching adventure, and I began to cook the evening meal for myself and the kids, an old idea was soon resurrected.

How many times as a kid were you told not to play with your food? We were having alphabet spaghetti as part of ours, and who can resist playing with the letters?

Exactly, so whilst it was cooking, I fished around the pan for the letters I needed. This is an idea I had either last year or possibly the first year of my project, but for one reason or another I never used it. That is until tonight. To begin with I couldn’t quite get the set up right, but hopefully I managed something reasonable in the end!


2 comments on “Week 111 ….. A fistful of Dollars

  1. alythmum says:

    As always you have produced a clever picture …. just hope he didn’t slip in there and he managed to clean himself up without any permanent stains left behind. 😉

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