Week 108 ….. A Puzzling Job

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Ray’s current decorating job was going well, although at times it was a little puzzling.

A puzzling job indeed, but I guess the colours have to be put on some how. If only it was that easy to solving a Rubik’s cube in the first place. I do confess, and I know I’m not alone with this out there, that when I was little I used to peel the colours off and re-stick them back on.

I have never actually managed to complete a Rubik’s cube, in all the years I’ve had one. Even following instructions, which I’ve tried several times over the past 30+ years, I still hadn’t managed. Sad isn’t it. Well it is as I’m actually a very logical thinking type of person. So it should be an ideal puzzle for me to do.

However, to be able to take a photo of a Rubik’s cube, it needed to be solved first. I have got as far as being able to do one layer of it, without help. And with a small refresher I can also do the middle layer too. SO really why was the last layer so hard to do.

I have no idea. Took me over an hr to master it today. During the process I managed to mess up everything else I had done, and had to start again from scratch. Eventually though, it all fell into place and Voila!

So not only did I find a concept I was happy with, I also managed to complete the Rubik’s cube for the first time.

My new aim is to do it from start to finish with no help at all……it might take me another 30  years though.


2 comments on “Week 108 ….. A Puzzling Job

  1. alythmum says:

    Never even began to mastic it. DH can do it if he thinks about it – and remembers what to do. LoL. I do however play a mean game of backgammon given half a chance. 😉

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