Week 107 …..Can’t Catch Me!

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Run, run, as fast as you can. You can’t catch me, I’m the Gingerbread Man!

Admittedly I’m not as fast as I used to be. The mind is willing, but not necessarily the body. Well most of the body is, just the old dodgy knee that prevents me going as fast I could. I wonder if I could beat the Gingerbread Man?

Although I did do athletics when I was younger, I mainly did the high jump. One of the joys of long legs I guess.

There was a discussion of sorts over on Twitter the other day, by a children’s book publisher. Maybe it was that that prompted the choice of image. To be fair though, I had thought of using Mr Gingerbread a while ago, when he first came out, but never found the right opportunity to do so. In fact this wasn’t even my first idea for how to use him today, but I think it’s worked better that the first plan anyway.

However I digress.

The discussion the other day was about your favourite book as a child. Really I have too many. I love reading, always have done, and always will. It’s a great way to escape, and I needed to escape a lot when I was a child. I can’t pinpoint one favourite book, why you may ask. Because it depends on what type of book you want me to pick a favourite from. It would depend entirely on genre of book, and how I felt at the time of the question, how my thoughts were balanced with my general mood.

I pose this question to you though, from those who have read this far. I don’t expect people to also read my ramblings. They are here for the photos ( well I hope that’s the case anyway) It’s just that sometimes, or in most cases the choice of the photo prompts a thought process. It might be related to a news article, event, or something that has happened in my life. Often a certain time or place provokes an idea instead. Or the image comes before the ramblings, and merely the posting of it prompts me to spiel forth with some random thought that buzzes round my head.

But once I again I’m rambling…sorry!

The question is, if you can pinpoint one favourite book or story from your childhood…..what would it be?


2 comments on “Week 107 …..Can’t Catch Me!

  1. Bruce Ruston says:

    For me it was Lord of the rings and the hobbit 🙂 Still good today and the films are quite good too.

  2. As a relatively young child it was probably ‘The Chinese Children Next Door’ by Pearl Buck. This was a book from MY mother’s childhood about an American girl who lived in China at the time and the family she lived next door to and the ‘strange’ things they did such as eating with chopsticks and playing with lanterns and kites. I also loved books like ‘Tom’s Midnight Garden’ and ‘The Green Knowe’ series by Lucy Boston. It is very hard to choose just one as I too would read everything and anything as a child.

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