Week 105…..Think of Something

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Trev was always drawing a blank

Not sure Trev is too impressed with his tile selection…….I love a game of Scrabble, and play regularly online against friends and other people. The reason for that is no-one in the family really enjoys playing board games or Scrabble in particular. ES sometimes does, the in laws used to, but seem to have gone off that ,for burying their heads in the paper or Sudoku puzzles. I do get an occasional real life game with my sister in law, but even over the holidays we used the pass and play function on the online version rather than getting out the real board. But then again a proper board of Scrabble tiles does not mix well with a dog and a couple of small children who have no concept of board games and how they work.

This was actually an idea I’ve been saving as a back up for over a year now, seeing as I was running out of time this week, and the kids had had the board out, it made sense to do it now.

So does your family or you enjoy board games, and if so which is your favourite?

I have a feeling Trev might not want to play again, unless it is one of the LEGO board games that are available.

We have a 3 or 4 between the kids, although I have to say Creationary is mine, even if I ‘gifted’ it to the kids, it was brought with my birthday voucher 😀


7 comments on “Week 105…..Think of Something

  1. ftfhero says:

    My family enjoys the board game Settlers of Catan. A game where you need 3% more luck than strategy.

  2. A game of ‘Careers’ is very popular here as it can be played with only 2 people (but can play equally be played with 6) and only takes about an hour. I love a decent game of Monopoly but it tends to take too long.

  3. alythmum says:

    It is a game from 1970s where everybody chooses their own goals in fame;money and happiness. These must add up to 60 total eg 20/20/20 or even 60 in one area and zero in the other 2 . You then travel round the board choosing various career options and being awarded rewards along the way. The first person who reaches their personal goal wins.
    This is the version we have: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rare-Vintage-Parkers-Careers-boxed-Board-game-/390740528605
    I first played it as a child in about 1970!

  4. thisiwrite says:

    You’ve combined my two most favourite past times: LEGO and Scrabble. Thank you for sharing!

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