Week 104….. Put Your Feet Up

lego; photography; minifigs; minfigures; world of minifigs; worldofminifigs

After the frivolities of Christmas Day, it was nice to be able to put their feet up and relax with a mug of tea.

So this marks the last photo of 2013.  I can’t believe where 2 years has gone already. Maybe it’s time for me to put my feet up? No worries, I’m enjoying the Lego photos far too much. I’m hoping now I’ve ditched my other photography project, now I’ve completed it, I’ll more time to think about my Lego ones, which I felt suffered a little bit this year. But as long as there are minifigs and I have the time and the inspiration I’ll keep on going.

Happy New Year to you all and the first photo for 2014 should hopefully appear here very soon!


3 comments on “Week 104….. Put Your Feet Up

  1. yiharuablog says:

    Congrats! Keep with your hard work.

    A bit of relax is always nice. 🙂

  2. alythmum says:

    Happy New Year to you too. Please don’t stop the Lego work as I love seeing it. 😉

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