Week 102…..It’s a Wrap!

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The Ninjas lay in wait for yet another unsuspecting victim.

As long as they are not lying in wait for me when I finally get around to wrapping things up, then life will be grand. Been having enough little set backs in life recently without an attack on my fingers as well.

Thankfully the last gift has arrived after there being a delay on the order, so I can stop worrying about that, and start to plan my evening of gift wrapping ready for the big day. I normally make some mulled wine to be consumed over the evening of the ‘great big present wrap’.

Do you have a personal little custom for the job, just to make it that little bit more easier and enjoyable?

Or perhaps I’ll just leave it up to the Ninjas……a bit like the fairy story of The Elves and the Shoemaker…well I can dream can’t I?


2 comments on “Week 102…..It’s a Wrap!

  1. If the ninjas wrap your pressies successfully can you send them over here to do mine? 😉

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