Week 101…..O Christmas Tree

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Bob and Max enjoyed looking for the right tree each year

I have to confess it is something I have never done. I was brought up with artificial trees, and although I love the smell of pine, I like the symmetry you get with the shape of artificial trees. So an artificial tree it is we have. I can’t also necessarily justify the cost of buying a tree each year either.

I have however in the past worked at a place that sold trees at Christmas time, and I used to help net them and block them onto a stand if the customer required. There is an enjoyment of helping someone find the right tree for them, and of course being surrounded by crisp winter air and the fragrant smell of conifers is a winning combination.

I can also add to my list of many talents, the art of decorating fresh wreaths for people to hang on their front door. I think my favourite is the fruit wreath. Decorated with pine cones, and dried fruit and cinnamon sticks. The smell from the citrus fruits combined with that wonderful pine smell is just lovely to work with.

Well the Christmas cards are written, still got presents to wrap, but I’m not quite in the Christmas mood yet. It’s still a little early for me, but the countdown is on. Could do with a few more hours in the day at the moment, hence the lateness of the update this week.

So are you a real tree person or an artificial one?


One comment on “Week 101…..O Christmas Tree

  1. Have had a real tree in the past … and despite clearing up I was still finding needles 3 months later. :/. Nowaday we have an artificial tree that lives in the attic from year to year. Think it might be older than my eldest (21 years). Know we definitely bought it from Woolworths while we were living in London.

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