Week 97…..What a Performance

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Archie always busked in the town square.

I didn’t actually click until I started to post this, that busking was in the news this past week. Jimmy Somerville of the Communardes and Bronski Beat walked up to a busker in Berlin, who was playing and singing one of his songs, and started to join in. The slightly confused busker, re picked up where he was playing and the duet began. Once finished he asked if it really was the original singer of the song he was performing. He couldn’t quite believe it when Jimmy declared that it was indeed.

To see clip of busker click here

And the reason for this weeks delay, was not that I’ve been out busking. I could actually do with some spare pennies, but I don’t think the world is ready for my singing or musical talents just yet. Rather than blowing a trumpet ( I have actually played it in the past, although not very well), I’ve been blowing a whistle whilst umpiring school hockey tournament matches. 16 hrs of hockey over 2 days!


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