Week 90…..It’s Raining Men

lego; photography; minifigs; minfigures; world of minifigs; worldofminifigs

Dave was definitely under the weather

It is certainly how I’m feeling at the moment. A cold combined with sciatica was certainly not a fun way to wake up at the weekend. Back is better but cold is still in full throes. Not looking for sympathy, it just helped provide the inspiration behind this weeks photo.

Not sure about my cloud building. Wasn’t 100% certain the grey bricks worked, but I think an all white cloud wouldn’t have worked in this situation.

I also have to confess to using the title of the book I’ve just finished reading for the heading. To be honest though, it fitted, and until I came to write this post, I hadn’t really thought about it. It was an enjoyable read, and certainly helped me to feel a bit better snuggled up in bed reading it…..there is in my opinion no finer place to read a book than in your bed with the sun streaming through the window. In fact it doesn’t even matter if the rain is lashing down outside either. It is a place of comfort and warmth, no matter what the weather is doing or how you are feeling.


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