Week 84…..Chance Encounter

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Bob bumped into Shelley and her little dog Alfie today whilst out walking Max.

We’ve been doing a lot of walking this past week. And am just getting ready to go out for another walk today.  The cache total is getting closer to the target. Only 40 more to find, before I can head off for the special one in 2 weeks time. Bob will definitely be coming on that adventure with me. I just hope I can get some good images.

It’s a shame the skies aren’t as nice and sunny looking as they were for Bob. However hopefully that means some insects won’t be out in force. This time last week when out walking a wasp somehow got up my trousers and then stung me at the top of my leg. Despite inspections at the time there was nothing to see, but I was certain it was an insect rather than a prickly bit of gorse. It was nearly 10 minutes later that  I felt a tickling sensation and undid my trousers once again, for the wasp to fly out. I think I had a lucky escape with just the one sting, even if I did end up with a large localised reaction to it.

So I had planned on a photo along those lines, as I have the lovely bumblebee girl minifig in the collection. But I never found the ideal location to use her yesterday.


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