Week 82…..Muddled Up

lego; photography; minifigs; minfigures; world of minifigs; worldofminifigs

Ruth knew why she hated knitting. She always ended up in a tangle.

Like Ruth, I too have never ever got the hang of knitting. I’m actually amazed myself by even managing to do this little bit. I did get shown how to when I was younger, but it has never appealed to me in any way, shape or form. And I can’t see myself taking it up as a hobby anytime soon. Although I do have to admit it did have a vague therapeutic quality to it . But 6 stitches and 3 rows is going to be my maximum.

My mother is a big knitter, much to my horror. And is probably the reason why it does not appeal to me. The nightmare of being forced to wear some, quite frankly, horrible creations, in my youth has scarred me for life. I have distinct memories of a hideous mint green chunky knit jumper, and the threat of having a school skirt knitted for me……really a bottle green knitted skirt for school, I’d have not been the laughing stock of school at all would I?

So no knitting is not my thing, but I do admire really good knitters, who can make items of clothing that are stylish and cool to wear. It’s just not my cup of tea.


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