Week 75…..In the summertime…

…when the weather is hot…. the minifigs, like most of the population decide a BBQ is in order. And they are best enjoyed with family and friends.

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Finally summer arrived, and it was time to get the barbeque going

Yes it finally seems that summer has arrived, after a very long and drawn out winter. However as recent years have shown, this is probably it, so we had best make the most of it whilst we can, as normal weather service will be resumed in time for the schools breaking up in a few weeks.

It would be great to get some reasonable spells of nice warm dry weather for the majority of the summer months, but you have to take the chance when you can, and have an impromptu BBQ with friends. We had one this weekend, a last minute decision, as you can never tell if the weather won’t get cooler later on in the afternoon or not. I’m hoping it won’t be the one and only, like last year, but I won’t get my hopes up too much just yet.


2 comments on “Week 75…..In the summertime…

  1. Ralph says:

    Very well done, love this scene.

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