Week 73…..Thanks a Bunch

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Phil always liked to bring flowers on a first date.

Finally a couple of days of nice weather. Well compared to what we’ve had recently anyway. The ground was not too wet nor was it baked like concrete – oh the joys of gardening on clay- so it was now or never to attempt to start the never ending task of weeding. Unfortunately it’s been left to it more or less for the last few years, thanks to dodgy knees. However this year I have no excuse, so I really must get on top of them, and start getting the garden looking good. Hopefully filling in most of the gaps to reduce the need to weed as well in the process.

Spring is a little late here this year thanks to the bizarre extended winter we seem to have experienced. But it is nice to see the plants finally start to bloom and flower. Roll on summer. I am awaiting a date with you, and a lengthy relationship. Well I can but dream!


2 comments on “Week 73…..Thanks a Bunch

  1. Phil is a classy guy!! Flowers make the perfect first date gift! 🙂

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