Series 10 Minifigs – Out Now

Imagine my delight on visiting the supermarket this morning, to find a lovely yellow display stand full of series 10 minifigs.

Not only that but the open boxes had hardly been touched. So the great big bag feeling began. Now normally the display unit when they 1st come out is at the back of the store at the far end of the toy aisle. Today however it was just off the main aisle as you walk into the shop by the sports equipment. I normally quite like the fact it is the other end of the aisle, because you don’t have every shopper passing you, wondering what on earth you are doing, so you can feel away in peace.

I quickly found a couple that were top of the ‘to get’ list. Whilst feeling my way through the boxes, it was apparent however, that there are a lot of certain ones, and less so of others. No change there then. There were an definite abundance in the 3 boxes I worked through….(yes you did read that correctly 3 WHOLE boxes, and it did take me a while: an hr roughly.) of Baseball players, Sky Divers, and the Tomahawk Warrior. There were also a significant amount of Decorators, Sad Clown’s and Motorcycle Mechanics. The rest were all much of a muchness in terms of frequency.

However it took me until the 3rd box to find the Roman Commander I was looking for at the end, and even then there was only a couple in that box. I do think I now have a good idea what key features to feel for now. I even had the store manager(s) come up and talk to me.

‘I see you’re having a good feel of my merchandise’ said the Manager

‘Are you looking for a particular one’ said the other Manager type

‘I am’ I replied. ‘I’m just trying to find this one’ – pointing to display stand. ‘Or this one, but doubt I’d be that lucky to find Mr Gold’

‘But I have got the ones at the top of the shopping list – for the kids’ I added. ‘So just the Roman soldier to go’

‘They’ve only just come out’ said Manager 2

‘ I know, their release date was the 1st May’ I answered – leaving them wondering what kind of geeky woman I was

‘At least you’re not opening the packets to find the one you want, unlike some of the kids’ said Manager 1

‘Oh no I’d never do that, I even put them back neatly in the boxes’ I replied

A few more pleasantries passed between us, by which point I had finally found the Roman Commander.

But there was no MR Gold in the boxes I searched through, which is a shame. I’ll have to keep my fingers crossed. I’m sure the managers will know if I do, as they’d be able to see me skipping off down the aisles to get the rest of the shopping with a huge big grin on my face.

However the search will continue for the rest that I want….I mean my kids would like……and hopefully they’ll appear in some photos soon. And it would be fantastic to have a Mr Gold, sadly though I can’t see my luck holding out for that. Good Luck everyone.

Series 10 Packets

Series 10 Packets


4 comments on “Series 10 Minifigs – Out Now

  1. I always feel a little funny feeling all the packages, and think I’ve gotten dirty looks from employees, but they’ll never stop me!

    • Likewise, I had seen the manager’s hovering in the locale on and off whilst I was there, before they passed comment. Was actually quite funny in a way. As long as they are in a position to be picked up an handled, I will. Just hoping the kids that open them in the shop don’t encourage the managers to think about putting them behind a counter, or in those plastic cases with security tags things like dvd’s come in, which I know another branch of same shop has done elsewhere in the UK from a friend

  2. Chris says:

    I feel funny feeling bags too. Sometimes I seems a long time has past while I looking for a fig. I’ve seen others feel the bags and I’ve seen open bags on a shelf. It wasn’t one I wanted so I didn’t ask if I could get it. I wouldn’t want the clerks to think I opened the bag.

    • seems that most of us AFOL feel a bit odd feeling packets for any length of time. lol
      I’ve only once had another couple of people say Oh it’s not just me that does that then, but I suspect they don’t do it as often or as for as long.

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