Week 70…..The Sightseers

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Bob and his Dad looked on in awe. It was an amazing feat of engineering.

Today we went on a little sightseeing tour whilst meeting up with some friends. Bob and his Dad came along too. I think we all had a good time. We were definitely lucky with the weather, the sun decided to come out and shine just at the right moment, although it was a shame I couldn’t have stayed for longer.


One comment on “Week 70…..The Sightseers

  1. […] “Week 70…..The Sightseers” A reblog from World of Minifigs. In LEGO terms, a minifig is a small figure of a person, made up of colorful and decorated, separate parts: legs, torso, and head. You can adorn these guys with an assortment of accessories and assemble them in any way you can imagine.  I love when builders place these little guys into our big world! […]

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