Week 67……The Final Verdict

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The judge’s verdict was out……The case was definitely closed.

A friend of mine did a similar photo as part of her 365 project, although that’s really a 1095, as she is on her 3rd consecutive year, which is no mean feat. At the time I thought I had a judge awaiting in an unopened packet……it seems my feeling technique had failed for once, and it was actually another plumber. I know how could I get a plumber and a judge mixed up?  Who knows is my answer on this occasion.

I finally correctly selected a judge, and knew I would do a photo along the same lines as my friend at some point.

World of Minifigs HQ has been having a bit of a make over this past week. This meant I had no access to a proper computer for uploads and photo editing, as well as little time. If Series 10 minifigures had been out here already, then I’d have got my hands on the decorator, and used him whilst in the middle of the wall painting and carpet laying. However I don’t, yet, but I do have some ideas for that minifig once they are available.

So due to time constraints, I pinched my friends idea, and put my twist to it, to be able to update the blog quickly, as this week is quickly merging into next week already. So I apologise for the delay this week, but World of Minifigs HQ is looking much better for its mini make over. You in fact even get to see a freshly painted wall in the background of the photo, although it’s not quite as grey as it looks in real life.


2 comments on “Week 67……The Final Verdict

  1. alythmum says:

    I wish you could teach me your ‘finding’ skills. I’m very bad at working it out and it is definitely ‘lucky dip’ in this house. :/

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