Week 61…..Recognition?

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Annette was astounded to win the award for best performance in ‘The Brick Side’

So it was ‘The Oscars’ the other night, celebrating the successes within the film industry. I for one didn’t watch it, but have seen highlights on TV. I have to admit I don’t tend to watch these big ‘celebrity’ award show things.

I’m all for peoples achievements being recognised, especially children. Although in some situations I do feel it’s the kids who aren’t the ones who consistently work hard and  behave that get rewarded or recognised.

Anyhow, even in the blogging world ‘rewards’ are given out by fellow bloggers. Don’t get me wrong it’s nice to know that people read your ramblings and maybe enjoy them in one way or another too; but for me I find them to be a bit like those chain letter type things you get sent from time to time via email etc……..you know the ones…….send this to 200 million different people and you’ll get good luck for the next five minutes, but only if you also paint your nose blue, stick a finger in your right ear, and turn around whilst saying codswallop.

I have received a couple in the last year or so, and I haven’t done anything with them. I do admit in the first instance to actually not knowing how to per se, or what the main protocol was. And I do appreciate the senders even considering me for them.

So here is my acceptance speech for them………..

Awarded to me by……..Our 24 year gap

Our 24 year gap also nominated me for a

Yesterday I was nominated for another Liebster Award……..


This time by Grace over at Minifig Fun

I have to thank these lovely ladies for even considering me and wanting to award me a virtual award. As I’ve explained I’d not be passing it on according to the rules, it’s not really the kind of game I play. If I like a blog then I spend the time commenting on it or liking posts where I can, and if I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t follow it in the first place. But ‘Thank You’!

If you have followers then you know you must be doing something right, and that somebody somewhere is enjoying what you do. Not that that is necessarily the reason for a blog in the first place, but it is nice to know others get the same amount of enjoyment out of what you put in.

So I award a……..

thank you award copyright

to each and everyone of my followers over the past year, with no strings attached!


7 comments on “Week 61…..Recognition?

  1. alythmum says:

    It is great humbleness and appreciation that I accept your Thank you in the spirit that it was given.

  2. Now that’s a great picture! Love the red curtains.

  3. Grace says:

    I love that photo you took! It’s stunning! When I was following the instructions for the Leibster award, I was thinking to qmyself, wow this is a lot of work and i have to nominate 11 people? Sooner or later EVERY blog that has less than 200 followers is going to get this. It does remind me of a chain letter! Hahahah

    • legogirl says:

      I have slightly more than 200 now as it happens, but hey ho, Not sure I could find 11 other blogs that I enjoy enough to pass it on to anyway

      • Grace says:

        I think whoever invented the Leibster award was desperate for more people to view their blog. haha!

      • legogirl says:

        haha quite possibly, perhaps we should start off a sensible one, but just for Lego bloggers, not requiring the chain letter tactics, just if you think they should have one then pass it on, if not no worries

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