Week 60…..Treasure Hunting

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Captain Brick always knew he’d discover Old Bartholomew’s legendary treasure one day.

So yesterday was a beautiful day, almost a sign that spring will soon be here. It was too nice a day to spend festering at home, when I could be outside in the fresh air enjoying myself. So what better thing is there to do, but to combine two of my favourite pastimes; photography and geocaching.

The first question for both is, where to go?

My first choice place to look is the geocaching map for my local area. I love looking at maps as it is, and I can combine the geocaching map with Google or Bing maps as well as Ordnance Survey maps, so I can get a really good idea of what there is in an area. As by this point the morning was ticking on, I could only really go somewhere fairly local if I was to be able to spend time just wandering and discovering anything of interest.

So I quickly found a couple of caches I hadn’t found yet, and one in particular looked ideal. An old abandoned churchyard near to the shores of a local lake. I didn’t know this little place existed, despite having been to the lake in question several times. But it has only been recently that the footpath around it was extended that far, therefore passing close by to this old graveyard.

I also enjoy wandering around graveyards, generally in the daylight, although I have been in a couple at night. Not in a macabre sense, I just find them really peaceful places to be as well as fascinating when you start reading inscriptions on tombstones. The older the better.

Well with this plan in mind, I quickly decide to throw some minifigs into my camera bag for a possible photo opportunity whilst there.

I wasn’t disappointed. Bearing in mind this is the end of winter, so all the undergrowth has died back, I can see how overgrown and wild it would be on the summer months. Giant ancient yew trees are scattered around, as well as the general wilderness type undergrowth that begins to grow over time. There were about a dozen gravestones still visible, in varying states of legibility. Most were dated the early to mid 1700’s with at least one dated towards the end of the 1600’s.

You tend to find that stones from this period quite often have carvings of skull and cross bones upon them. A symbol more commonly associated these days with pirates………can you start to see the connection now?

That explains the choice of figs I decided to take with me, and I was rewarded with the most ideal gravestone to use as the backdrop. Not only did it have the skull and cross bones upon it, in the best place, and at the best angle, but on each side of the skull was a spade.

'The Pirates Grave'

‘The Pirates Grave’

If my youngest had been with me, it certainly would have been declared a pirates grave……he reckons all the ones with skull and cross bones carved on them are. And I have to agree with him on this one, it’s the most perfect pirates grave.

I wonder if there is any real treasure buired within?


8 comments on “Week 60…..Treasure Hunting

  1. Rich Lloyd says:

    Superb. Although are you absolutely certain they haven’t uncovered Richard III? (sounds like a super place to cache too)

    • legogirl says:

      lol, positive this was Barty. It was a great place, not actually too far from a public path either, but once inside the boundary walls you could have been miles away from anywhere

  2. AWESOME location for this shot. Great work. I vow to go geocacjing on out camping adventures this summer!

    • legogirl says:

      Thank you. I have to admit I don’t tend to do anything with these nomination things, mainly as In the early days I wasn’t 100% sure of what to do.
      However it is nice to know people appreciate what you do.

  3. alythmum says:

    How did I miss this? My email never arrived 😦
    The old graveyard at Scone has lots of interesting carvings along with the one in Perth.

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